3 Reasons To Contact A Workers Compensation Attorney Before Filing A Scaffolding Accident Lawsuit

Did you know that most construction workers today use scaffolds to make their work easier? While these pieces of construction equipment can help complete tasks, they can be extremely dangerous if not properly handled or maintained. Scaffolding accidents can cause minor wounds, such as scrapes, bruises, and abrasions, or more acute injuries, such as broken bones, head trauma, or even death. If you're a scaffolding accident victim, you should consider speaking with a workers' compensation attorney before filing a lawsuit for these three reasons.

They'll Uncover the Parties Responsible for Your Injuries

Several parties could be responsible for your scaffolding accident. Some obvious ones may include the scaffolding manufacturer, construction company, or contractor. Others may include the owner of the building where you were working or the government agency responsible for inspecting the scaffolds. 

A workers' compensation attorney can uncover the parties responsible for your injuries and get them to compensate you. They'll find out if the scaffold was inspected correctly or if there were any safety violations. They'll also determine if the construction company took proper precautions to ensure their employees are safe. If they discover these entities failed to act responsibly, they'll sue them and seek compensation for your injuries.

They'll Determine if You Qualify for Benefits

Workers' compensation benefits are designed to help victims of work-related accidents cover medical expenses and lost wages as they recover from their injuries. However, not all accidents are covered. If you want to find out if you qualify for benefits, contact a workers' compensation attorney. They'll review the circumstances of your scaffolding accident and analyze your state's workers' compensation laws to determine if you qualify. 

If you're eligible for compensation, they'll help you file a claim and ensure you get the necessary benefits. If you're not eligible, they'll help you explore other financial options for the recovery process.

They'll Calculate Your Damages

The compensation you may qualify to receive after a scaffolding accident depends on several factors. Some of these factors include the severity of your injuries, the amount of time you've missed from work, your medical bills, and any future costs you may incur. A workers' compensation attorney can calculate your damages and ensure you get the full compensation. They'll analyze all the evidence related to your case and use that information to compute your damages accurately. They'll also consider any future costs you may incur from the accident, such as long-term medical care and lost income.

Contacting a workers' compensation attorney before filing a scaffolding accident lawsuit is essential if you want to recover a high settlement. These lawyers understand the complexities of these cases, can uncover the parties responsible for your injuries, and determine if you qualify for benefits. 

For more info about workers' compensation, contact a local professional.