Types Of Injuries In A Side-Impact Collision And How To Go About The Claim Application

Many side-impact crashes are tragic. They cause severe injuries to the vehicle occupants and extensive vehicle wreckage. Luckily, a driver who rams into the side of your vehicle is liable for your losses. After the incident, their insurance provider will reach out to you with an offer. While it's tempting to accept it, resist the urge. Instead, consult your auto accident lawyer first. They will help you determine the claim's actual value before negotiating a settlement. Read on to learn about injuries that warrant compensation and how to pursue it.

Injuries Sustained in Side-impact Collisions

The severity of injuries suffered by victims of this crash depends on various factors. They include the speed at which the at-fault party was driving and the number of vehicles involved in the crash. The injuries are diverse, including spinal cord and burn injuries. Some victims sustain skull fractures, internal organ damage, and paralysis. A side-impact crash can also cause loss of limbs, disfigurement, bone fractures or breaks, and brain injuries.

You'll require extensive treatment if severely injured. This could impact your ability to work for a while or a lifetime. Of course, the loss of livelihood will impact your life tremendously. For this reason, it would be prudent to seek compensation. Enlist the services of a vehicle accident attorney to ensure that you get paid maximally for your injuries. 

How to Go About Seeking Compensation 

Unfortunately, many insurance firms offer undeserving compensation to complainants. To achieve this, they may blame you and exonerate their client. Besides, they can claim you had an existing condition before the crash. Such arguments could make you lose your rightful payments. For this reason, it is wise to let a lawyer represent you in the negotiations with the insurance firm. They will provide compelling evidence to counter any false arguments by the at-fault party and their insurer.

With sufficient evidence, you can claim the highest payment possible. Typically, the settlement should cover all your treatment expenses, such as surgery, hospital stays, rehabilitation services, and medication. Furthermore, your attorney will help you pursue payments for vehicle damages, lost salary, and lost earning capacity.

A side-impact crash can cause substantial damage to your vehicle and make you suffer severe bodily harm. So, ensure the party responsible for the crash takes full responsibility for their recklessness. However, seek professional guidance from an auto accident attorney to attain a favorable outcome. 

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