Can Someone Sue You After Insurance Pays? Your Car Accident Lawyer Answers

After an accident, the victims will usually claim compensation. When the insurance pays for settlement, one may think that it is over. However, the other party may decide to sue you. Agreeing to settle does not protect you from future lawsuits following the accident. Here is why someone might choose to sue you after the insurer pays and what to do about it. 

What the Law Says

The victims of an accident may not sue after they agree to a settlement. However, there are cases where they are allowed to sue. If you forced the negotiations or used fraudulent means, the other party can sue you. Also, they can file a lawsuit if the settlement agreement has inconsistencies. Also, the victim can file a lawsuit against you if they find out you were another party involved in the accident. Sometimes a victim in a road accident may not know if there was another person at the accident scene. They could have collected compensation from the insurance when they discovered you are also liable. If you get sued for any reason above, you need proper legal backup. Cases like these are very complex, and you need legal representation.

Instances When You Will Not be Liable

After a settlement, the parties release the at-fault parties from legal liability over the accident. Litigation is not probable unless there are specific issues, as stated above. When signing agreements, the injured person gives up their power to sue the insurance company or the offender. Even if they pay less in settlement than what the case is worth, signing a settlement closes the door for further calls to repayment. All parties need to review documentation before signing. Otherwise, you can sign away your rights and get handed a raw deal by the insurance company in compensation.

Getting Legal Help

When you find yourself in such a situation, you need the help of a lawyer. They can help deal with follow-up on the case. Your lawyer can read and understand clauses that can create room for further legal woes. Using their knowledge and understanding of the law, they can advise you on changing the terms of an agreement and proceed to court. Attorneys are knowledgeable enough to offer proper guidance during a claim and best present your interests.

Hire an experienced car accident lawyer to avoid future legal troubles from the accident. An attorney ensures that you get all the help you can get if you get sued.

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