Meeting With A Job Site Accident Lawyer For The First Time

When you are hurt on the job, you are generally entitled to workers compensation benefits. However, obtaining these benefits is not always straightforward. Your company may deny your benefits, or they may not give you as much compensation as you truly deserve. In either of these situations, it's wise to meet with a job site accident lawyer. During your first meeting, they can analyze your situation and let you know whether you have a strong case. So, what sort of information should you bring to this first meeting? Take a look.

A written account of what happened when you were injured.

Describing how you were injured, again and again, can get a little burdensome, especially if the accident was traumatic. You may forget certain details just because you get nervous or anxious when telling the story. So, it is a good idea to sit down and write down what happened when you're at home and in a calm and collected mood. Include as many details as you can remember. A day or two later, look back over your written account and add any details you may have forgotten the first time around. 

You can hand your written description of the accident to your lawyer at the first meeting. They can read it to get a full, clear impression of what actually happened.

Detailed medical records.

A common argument that employers will make after you are injured on the job is that you are not really as hurt as you claim to be. Medical records can provide direct evidence to the contrary. So, call around to all of the doctors who have treated you, and ask for a copy of your medical records. Don't forget to call any chiropractors, massage therapists, and other practitioners who have offered you supplemental care along the way.

These medical records will allow the lawyer to get an idea of how serious your injuries actually are. They'll also give your lawyer an idea of what your medical expenses are so they can determine how much workers compensation you should actually be asking for.

Witness information.

Was anyone else there when you were injured? If so, you may want to ask them to write a witness statement explaining what happened from their own perspective. If your witnesses have the time, they could even attend this first meeting with the lawyer with you. This can be especially helpful if your injuries make you tired, make it difficult for you to talk, or otherwise limit you in some way. You should, however, call the lawyer's office beforehand and make sure it is okay for someone else to attend the meeting with you. Most lawyers will be okay with this, but they'll appreciate the heads-up.

If your witnesses cannot attend the meeting and don't get a statement written up in time, at least bring their contact information with you to the lawyer's office. The lawyer can contact them later, if needed.

Insurance information.

Who has been paying for your medical bills up until this point? If your health insurance company has been paying, then you need to bring their information with you to the lawyer's office. Your health insurance company should not have to pay for medical care related to a work injury. Your lawyer may need to contact them and arrange to have them paid back by the workers compensation provider.

Meeting with a job site accident lawyer can be a good first step towards getting your workers compensation claim approved. If you're hurt on the job, you should not be paying for the consequences, and a lawyer can make sure of that.