Social Security Disability Claims: Veterans And First-Responders

If you're a veteran or first-responder, filing Social Security Disability claims can sometimes run counter to the claims you might need to file with other state and federal entities. Working with a legal team to ensure that your Social Security Disability claims are successful can save you time and frustration to help you get the services your heroism has earned you.

Here are some common ways a Social Security Disability lawyer can help veterans and first-responders. 


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a life-altering diagnosis. Whether you're a 30 year career military service member or a second-career first-responder, getting the treatment and support you need to battle PTSD often involves applying for government services and programs. 

  • Application: Filing a Social Security Disability claim for PTSD can be complex. Even if you've already filed with the VA, your health care provider, and your employer, you might still be entitled to SSD benefits. If your Social Security Disability claim is predicated on a PTSD diagnosis, you'll need to include documentation with you application. In the case of a PTSD diagnosis, including detailed medical information is important. Your Social Security Disability lawyer can also set up appointments with independent health care providers (doctors, occupational therapists, etc.) to validate the diagnosis and long-term outlook for your life with PTSD. Your Social Security Disability lawyer can provide precedents from comparable cases along with your application to further bolster your chances. 

Permanent Disability

Whether you suffered a career-ending injury or you developed subsequent complications after your service, a Social Security Disability lawyer can help you file a claim to seek lifetime benefits even if you're already receiving a pension. 

  • Pension Plus: If you're already receiving a pension, adding long-term Social Security Disability can be tricky because you may earn more than the allowed income stipulated by the Social Security Disability criteria. However, your Social Security Disability lawyer can include a waiver to argue for an exemption. Building a case for this waiver often involves including detailed financial records, W-2's, and statements for on-going medical bills related to your permanent disability. Extenuating factors, including caring for dependents and impending medical expenses (surgeries, therapy, etc.) can also be important factors when including a waiver on your Social Security Disability claim.

Allowing a Social Security Disability lawyer to vet your initial application for benefits can help you avoid the denial and appeal process that can take months and even years to settle.