What To Expect With Your Dog Bite Injury Case

If you get bitten by a dog, you're likely going to go through at least some confusion if you encounter a lawsuit along the way. The reason for hiring a dog bite lawyer varies, but usually, it's common to sue the dog's owner for pain and suffering so that you don't have to suffer financial is common.

Going to court and dealing with the legalities of a dog bite can be hard, especially when you don't really know what you're getting into. Here are things you can expect as part of your dog bite injury case so that you aren't shocked by what happens from beginning to end.

Lots of interrogation

You aren't going to be interrogated heavily, but you will likely receive lots of questions from your own lawyer, the judge, and even the lawyer of the other party regarding how your dog bite occurred. You'll want to prepare for your interrogations by practicing your responses at home or writing them down on paper. You can be interrogated either in person or by submitting paperwork requested by the other person's lawyer.

Many court dates

Court dates are frequent occurrences when it comes to dog bite cases. You have the initial case, where the other party may ask for a continuance or to hire a new judge for the case — a common tactic to prolong the sessions and give the other party time to prepare. You will always want to arrive at court early and be prepared with paperwork and any new evidence that your lawyer will want to see.

Lawyer negotiations

The goal of your lawyer is to get you your money and help you move on with your life. The goal of the dog's owner involved in your case is to get out of the legal mess they've caused as soon as possible. This means their lawyer is likely to try to negotiate with yours, usually about money. If this happens, many negotiations are bound to take place, both with and without you being present, to come to terms outside the courtroom.

Negotiations are often preferable to going to court because they cost less in legal fees and help you get your money sooner. Make sure you have a dog bite attorney like one at The Lombardo Law Firm who can accurately depict how much your injuries and work losses actually cost so you get the most financial cushion from your unfortunate event as possible. Once you settle out of court, you cannot renew the same case again.