Does Your Teen Share Photos While Driving? Talk To A Personal Injury Lawyer Right Away

Teen drivers just mastering their driving skills need every bit of their senses and attention on the road as possible to avoid crashing. Unfortunately, many will engaging in distracted driving by sharing photos with friends. In this scenario, parents of the teens need to talk to a high-quality personal injury lawyer right away.

Distraction Is Common Among Many Teen Drivers

The cliché of teens driving while playing on their phones is often a sad reality. For example, a recent study found that nearly 60 percent of all auto accidents involving teen drivers occurred because the teen was distracted. The type of distraction didn't matter much because these young drivers didn't possess the driving skills necessary to negate this factor.

However, it is likely that teens—particularly those addicted to a cell phone—were distracted texting their friends or doing something else on their phone. For example, a growing number of photo-sharing sites and apps could potentially be triggering a large number of auto accidents in teenagers.

Photos Constitute a Distraction

Teens who play with their phones while driving are very distracted, and a potential threat behind the wheel. Even worse, many of these teens may be using their phone not only to text but to share photos on various photo-sharing sites. For example, they may take a photo of a cool looking car or their friends driving by them on the road.

Though many teens may be able to drive in this way without crashing, many more will. And when this type of crash happens, a teen is going to be in real legal trouble, especially if somebody else was injured. As a result, parents of these teens need to have a personal injury lawyer on hand to learn more about this type of incident.

How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Teens distracted while driving often face an uphill legal battle in a personal injury case. For example, the plaintiff can use information, such as videos of the team taking photos, to prove that they contributed to the crash. Even worse, they may be able to use records on the photo-sharing app to also prove that the teen was distracted while driving.

In this situation, a teen may have to talk to their personal injury attorney about the concept of comparative negligence. This defense accepts that the teen contributed to the crash but negates their blame with actions by the other driver. For example, if the other driver was driving too fast for the conditions, the teen's lawyer could argue that this act contributed significantly to the accident.

Therefore, any parent of a teen going through this situation should contact a high-quality personal injury lawyer right away to protect their children. This act could negate many of the costs of the trial and could help them stage a successful defense in what appears to be an open-and-shut case. For more information, reach out to a personal injury lawyer.