Three Reasons To Return To The Accident Scene With Your Personal Injury Attorney

After an accident of any type — from a car accident to a slip-and-fall incident in a shopping mall — the last thing you might wish to do is revisit the scene of the accident. While you'll need to talk extensively about the accident if you've hired a personal injury attorney to prepare a personal injury suit against the other party, the idea of going back to where you were hurt may bring up a lot of emotions. It's possible that your attorney may suggest returning to the accident scene with you, and while your first instinct might be to argue against doing so, here are three reasons why this is a good idea.

Your Attorney Can Better Understand What Happened

While a clear description from you and photos from his or her investigators can make an accident scene come to life for your attorney, there are few strategies as effective as actually visiting the scene. Your attorney might have visited the accident scene without you, but going together can further make him or her understand exactly what happened. It might be painful for you to stand on the scene, but you should remember that the better your attorney understands what happened, the stronger your case may be.

You Might Identify Challenges

A good personal injury attorney isn't just thinking about the strength of his or her client's case. The attorney is also mindful of what challenges may come up so that he or she can be ready for them. Visiting the accident scene together can sometimes give the attorney an ability to identify a challenge. For example, if there was indeed a "Slippery Floor" sign near where you fell, the attorney will expect the defendant's attorney to point this fact out. To be prepared, your attorney will then investigate whether this sign was hidden at the time of your accident.

It May Be A Chance To Recruit Witnesses

It's generally best to talk to witnesses and get their contact information immediately after an accident. This isn't always possible, however, especially if you were seriously injured. Revisiting the accident scene presents a second chance to talk to witnesses. For example, if you're at a mall, a store employee who was there when you were hurt may recognize you and approach you to see how you're doing. If this person saw the scene unfold, your attorney may take a statement from him or her to bolster your case.