Why Taking These Actions Could Ruin Your Chances For Personal Injury Success

Life after a car accident with injuries can be difficult enough without having to think about seeking compensation. This is just the type of situation that might put you at risk for making a big error that could cause you problems with your personal injury claim. Read on and learn from these cautionary situations with an eye towards not making those mistakes in your case.

1. The trauma you've experienced because of the car accident has probably left you seeking comfort from your friends and family. That is only natural because even accidents with relatively minor physical injuries can cause emotional stress and strain. Some accident victims are helped with counseling, particularly if the accident has caused anxiety issues to surface, changes in sleeping and eating habits and mood disorders.

The one place you would be wise to avoid during this time period is social media. It has become far too common for those who need comfort to seek it using Facebook and the like. The attention garnered by posting about the wreck can be a welcome distraction, and everyone needs to know that others care about them. The problem is that you may lose sight of the need to seek compensation and that you could end up saying something that could harm your case. For example, a simple "I'm fine" statement could be misinterpreted if your case should come to trial.

2. After a wreck, the need to get your budget straightened out may be uppermost in your thoughts. When you get a call from the at-fault driver's insurance adjuster with an offer of a check, it seems that your money troubles are about to be over. Unfortunately, things may not be what they appear to be. Not only are you probably entitled to more money than is being offered but you may be tricked into giving a recorded interview about the wreck. Insurance adjusters for the other side are not being nice for any other reason than to get you to say the wrong thing and hurt your case. For example, "I may have been speeding, I'm not sure" is enough to put your entire personal injury claim in jeopardy.

3. When a recent wreck has left you shaken but apparently unhurt, you are typically thankful. Unfortunately, after a few days or weeks, you're starting to notice that your back is hurting and nearly every movement sends pain shooting down your legs. You regret not seeking compensation and decide that it's too late. If you failed to seek medical care and are having second thoughts, you should know that it's not too late. You can seek compensation weeks or even months after your wreck. Be sure to get medical treatment and see an attorney right away, however, since you must take action before your state's statute of limitations runs out.

If you are in doubt about your chances for compensation see a car accident attorney and have your case evaluated before it really is too late.