Why You Need An Attorney When Applying For Disability Benefits

An attorney can help increase the likelihood that your application for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration is approved. Many people who apply for financial help for their disabilities are denied benefits.

The individuals may actually be disabled, but problems with their request for benefits could cause a denial. The application process for social security disability insurance is complicated and can be difficult to complete correctly and timely.

Here are a few problems that a social security benefits lawyer can help you avoid.

Inaccurate Information 

If the information on your application for social security disability insurance is not completely correct, your application may be delayed or denied. The form requires the input of basic personal information, such as your date of birth, marriage date, and the names of your kids. Additionally, you must enter information about your job and medical history.

The contact information for your physicians may also be needed, along with your medical history. If you misspell the names of your providers or those of the facilities where you received treatment, your mistakes could result in a claim denial.

The Social Security Administration may allow you to correct minor mistakes if you call and explain your situation. However, if the corrections are granted, they can still delay the processing of your claim.

Missing Information

If any information is missing from your application, your paperwork may be denied. There must be enough medical evidence on your application to support your disability claim. 

By omitting a seemingly unimportant physician, you are likely leaving out a relevant component of your application. The Social Security Administration may deny your claim for a lack of documentation.

Be sure to include all of your health conditions that could affect your ability to work. Instead of just considering your primary condition, the Social Security Administration attempts to piece together a complete picture of your disability.

Missed Deadlines

In order to be approved, your application must meet a number of deadlines. Due dates are set for responses to requests for additional information and for appeal submissions. If you fail to submit your information on time, your claim could be denied.

To ensure that the information on your application is complete, accurate, and submitted in a timely manner, you may need the assistance of a disability attorney. Contact an attorney in your local area to schedule a consultation. The initial meeting with many attorneys is offered free of charge.