Left With A Long-Term Injury As A Result Of An Accident? Your Suit Should Account For These Costs

Following an injury, your personal injury attorney will want to know details about how much you've spent on medical care, prescriptions, and subsequent therapies. He or she will tally up these expenses and be sure that they're represented in your injury suit. It's important to additionally consider and discuss what long-term costs you may be handling because of your injury. Even after you've received the necessary short-term medical care and controlled the pain through the use of medication, you may still be spending money for costs related to your accident. Here are some costs of this nature.

House Upgrades

It's possible that you'll need to make some changes to your house to make it more accessible to you as you go through your long-term recovery. A major expense might be needing a stairlift if you aren't going to be able to manage stairs for a long time, while a ramp up to the front of your house may be necessary if you're in a wheelchair or are using a walker. There are many smaller expenses that you may need. These can add up financially, however, so it's ideal if your attorney factors their cost into your suit. For example, you may need handles in the bathtub and perhaps even a special chair that can tip forward when you need to stand up.

In-Home Care

Don't forget about the possibility of needing in-home care as you recover from your injury. Some people require caregivers to actually live with them around the clock, which can obviously be expensive. This may not be the case for you, however, but you may still need a caregiver to visit daily or perhaps even just a few times a week. In-home caregivers can be valuable in helping you with physical therapy after a fall, and they can also aid with other tasks that you may find difficult as you recover.

New Vehicle

You may no longer be able to drive in your current vehicle after your injury. This can especially be true if you use a wheelchair. In such a scenario, you may need to buy a handicap-accessible van or perhaps use a handicap transportation service to drive you around whenever you need to go out. Either approach can be expensive, but having your personal injury attorney work these expenses into the suit will ensure that you aren't having to pay out of your own pocket.