Improper Loading Of Cargo: What You Need To Know

Trucking accidents can be devastating for any driver on the road. While many accidents are the result of negligent driving on the part of the truck driver or the car driver, many times accidents occur when cargo falls from a truck or when improperly loaded cargo causes the truck to shift due to too much weight in one area of the truck. If you are able to prove that the cargo was not properly loaded, you could possibly win your case due to negligence. The following are some questions you may have about the process:

Why Is Improper Cargo Loading Dangerous?

Improperly loaded cargo can result in trucking accidents. The cargo can cause the truck to not maneuver correctly, causing it to swerve or tip over into other lanes of traffic. Cargo can also fall from a truck and get into other lanes of traffic. Cars could hit the cargo or swerve to miss things in the road, both of which can have a catastrophic result. Cargo that is either not loaded correctly or that is not properly secured can have a dangerous effect on everyone in the immediate area.

How Can You Tell if the Cargo Is Not Loaded Correctly?

There are several things you can see on a truck bed that indicate the cargo is not secured or loaded properly. If the cargo is not covered correctly or if it appears overloaded, serious problems can occur. An overloaded truck can easily cause a rollover accident or have problems braking. If there are not tie-downs or if it does not appear there are enough tie-downs for the type of cargo the truck is hauling, the cargo can easily fall off the truck and cause a major accident. Also, any cargo that is not evenly distributed on the truck bed can cause a shift and prevent maneuverability of the truck.

What Will a Personal Injury Attorney Do to Help You?

If you are in a truck accident and you believe that the improper loading of cargo was the cause, you need to contact a truck accident attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will work to find out who was in charge of loading the truck, whether or not it was obviously overloaded, and whether the driver was trained on how to check the security of the cargo. All of this information, along with your physical evidence, including photos, medical records, and the like, will be taken into consideration to find out if you are entitled to damages.