Four Tips For Making It Through Your DUI Or OWI Case

If you are arrested with a DUI or OWI, it's normal to feel panicked and alone. These charges can greatly impact your life, including your ability to get to and from work, secure a job, and keep your driver's license. However, if you act carefully in the days and weeks following your DUI charge, you can minimize the damage. Here are four tips to make it through your DUI or OWI case.

1. Hire a good lawyer.

A good lawyer should be able to get your charges reduced or even get your case dismissed. Many lawyers will take DUI cases, but they are not all of equal caliber. Instead of hiring a general practice attorney, hire someone who focuses only on DUI and OWI cases. This person will know the ins and outs of the system and will be better able to formulate a defense to get your charges dismissed or reduced.

2. Follow the rules.

Chances are you had your license revoked and are not allowed to drive -- perhaps with a few exceptions -- until your court date. Resist the urge to break these rules. Abide by any restrictions that have been placed on you. If you were to break the rules and get caught, this would destroy the possibility of your charges being dropped. In fact, you may have additional charges, such as the charge of driving without a license, filed against you.

3. Be honest with your attorney.

In order to properly represent you, your lawyer needs to know the truth about your arrest, what you were doing when you were arrested, how much you drank, and your previous arrests. Although you may be embarrassed to admit some of this to your lawyer, you absolutely must be honest. Your lawyer won't judge you -- but giving them false information or leaving some information out may leave your lawyer without a good way to defend you against information brought forth by the courts.

4. Stay away from alcohol.

While you are awaiting your court case, it is best to avoid alcohol. This will decrease your risk of doing something silly before your day in court. Plus, it will show the judge that you are serious about avoiding mistakes in the future, which may help get your charges reduced.

If you follow the tips above, being charged with a DUI or OWI won't be the tragedy that you're imagining. For more information, contact a local DUI or OWI lawyer